Pan de Muerto - Celebrate the Delicious Mexican​ Bread on the "Day of the Dead" with Buchmann Eggs

    OriginsPan de Muerto is a sweet soft bread shaped like a bun, and often decorated with bone-like pieces. It is traditionally baked in Mexico during the weeks leading up to the "Day of the Death", which is celebrated on November 2. In some regions it is eaten for months before its official celebration. As part of the celebration, loved ones eat Pan de Muerto as well as their relative's favorite foods. The bones represent the lost ones and there is normally a baked tear-drop on the bread to represent sorrow. The bones are represented in a circle to portray the circle of life. Consumption HabitsWhen - Depending on Mexican regions, you can eat this bread as part of the celebration for the "Day of the Death", on November 2, or even months before the official celebration.How - More traditionally, you eat it at the gravesite or altar of the deceased, with the dead person's picture and offerings of flowers, fruits, sugar skulls and other food. It is said that like this the deceased will have a happy transition to the other life. To enjoy the delicious flavors and tradition of this cultural favorite, all you need is the Tegral Pan de Muerto mix that contains improver technology for ideal texture and freshness, as well as typical Mexican flavor guaranteed to enhance the taste. The Tegral Pan de Muerto mix offers you:The original recipe, taste, shape, and texture of the Pan de Muerto, developed with specialist bakers in MexicoAn easy way to increase your range of tasty productsThe ability to capitalize on the top market trends and strong demand for ethnic productsConvenience (the mix is easy to store) and versatility (different processes can be used - direct method, retarded fermentation, and short freezing) Tegral Pan de Muerto offers everything you need for a delicious, cultural delicacy your customers will love. Buchmann Eggs is here to help your bakery add this specialty to the menu for this year's celebration of the "Day of the Death" - call our team today for details on this top product!

​Avocados Are Currently 70% Harvested for the Season

 ​The July 24th edition of the Legacy Market News featured the weekly Pro News Market Update from ProMark, which provided up-to-date information on a variety of crops. Here are several takeaways from the report: Avocados are 70% harvested in CaliforniaCauliflower volume is excellent; expect to see lower prices this weekThe green bell pepper supply is extremely limited on East Coast, and there is a light supply in the Carolinas, New Jersey, and MichiganCherry tomato supply is limited – only producing regions are in South Carolina and AlabamaWatermelon volume is increasing from Central California, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, the Carolinas, and Texas Be sure to check back later this week for more updates! Contact Buchmann Eggs for information and details about all our fresh ingredients!

Three Popular Trends for Bakeries to Succeed

 Bakeries have a special opportunity with every customer they serve - enjoying a perfectly-frosted, luscious piece of cake can be an uplifting experience that brings an instant smile to the face. Bakeries that continue to reach their customers and provide this value will see improved customer satisfaction and increased sales. It is crucial for bakers to be knowledgable about top trends in baking so they can adapt their scrumptious sweets and satisfy customer expectations. Here are current trends that will help bring more customers to your business: Incorporate floral themes: Floral patterns are very popular in baking right now – tasty baked goods that feature beautiful flowers will draw the attention of any customer. Be sure to highlight vibrant colors and rich pastels, as colorful AND delicious is an irresistible combo in a baked good. Embrace social media channels: 80 million Instagram posts include #cake, and your business can take advantage of this sizable following. Use social media to build demand for your delicious cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more. In today's environment, social media is a crucial tool to set your business apart from competitors. Offer Limited-Time Specials: Let your creativity shine and provide seasonal baked goods to help capitalize on upcoming holidays. Showcasing pumpkin pies in October or eggnog muffins in December creates demand to try the item before the holiday passes, or be forced to wait another full year. Keeping customers coming back for more relies on delicious flavor and ideal texture in every bite, and Buchmann Eggs has what you need. We supply all the essentials for quality cakes, cookies, muffins, and more. From fresh eggs to flour, our team is committed to providing the highest-quality ingredients to help YOU produce the best baked goods in town! Buchmann Eggs is your partner to get ahead of all the top trends in baking and serve your customers what they are craving! Information courtesy of GNT USA, Inc.​

Peas are 15% Harvested to Date

The July 17th edition of the Legacy Market News featured a detailed produce report from Lakeside Foods about the current status of popular crops. Here is the current planting and harvest status of the top crops: Peas: Planting complete, 15% harvestedBeans: Planting underway, harvest began in early JulyCorn: Planting complete, harvest projected for July 30thLima Beans: Planting complete, harvest projected for August 23rdBeets: Planting complete, harvest projected for early AugustCarrots: Planting complete, harvest projected for early October Check back next week for another update from the Legacy Market News Report!​

New COVID-19 Regulations Close Indoor Dining - Improve Your Delivery With These Tips

 The foodservice industry continues to be significantly impacted by COVID-19. On Monday, Governor Gavin Newsom ordered the shutdown of indoor dining in the state of California, although outdoor and patio seating is acceptable. This development will once again place a premium on quality delivery and to-go service. For restaurants and operators, it is extremely important to adapt and reach customers through new channels. Here are useful tips promised to optimize food delivery: Establish No-Contact DeliveryUtilize your own website or app for delivery, not a 3rd partyWeigh the pros and cons of placing a minimum charge on deliveryFeature menu items with best profit margin These tips will play a key role in improving your delivery service throughout the pandemic. Buchmann Eggs understands the importance of having a trusted supplier during these difficult times - our team is committed to providing restaurants, bakeries, hotels and more everything they need to succeed. Contact us for more ideas on how we can help your business. For more information about these tips, read on at Business Insider.




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